Mert S. Kaplan

news / software / design

I completed my undergraduate education at the Ankara University Faculty of Communication. I worked as a page designer at the Görünüm newspaper and the Ankara service of the Milliyet newspaper. I worked as a reporter for Anayurt newspaper for many years. I worked as a SEO consultant, content editor and reporter for various internet news sites. I still work in the Press Office of the Turkish Medical Association. Besides journalism, I also have experience in graphic design, web design, and web-based software.

As a freelancer, besides producing graphic design products such as corporate identity, posters, billboards, and brochures, I am also interested in newspaper design, news photography, and voiceover.

I have provided products and services on many different subjects, such as web design, web-based software, automation tools, spiders, page speed optimization, social media optimization, and preventing corporate e-mails from falling into spam for many institutions, companies, and websites. I have prepared a lot of software that serves different purposes. I contributed to the localization of many open-source applications. I speak advanced English and beginner French. I trained in judo for many years, and I did aikido and iaido sports.

Work experiences

Turkish Medical Association

Press Office staff, Ankara - Turkey (May 2023 – Present)

I work in the press office of the association in the fields of the secretariat of refereed journals, the organization of press conferences and social media.

Elips News

SEO consultant, Ankara - Turkey (April 2023 – Present)

I am working on increasing the visibility and reader traffic of the internet news site Elips News.

Anayurt newspaper

Reporter, Ankara - Turkey (February 2017 – April 2023)

I worked as a reporter in Anayurt, a nationally based daily political newspaper.

EU Youth Program Office

Part time employee, Ankara - Turkey (September 2014 – June 2017)

I carried out promotional and information activities about ERASMUS+ projects within the EU Youth Program Office under Ankara University Health, Culture and Sports Department.

Milliyet newspaper

Page designer, Ankara - Turkey (November 2013 – March 2014)

I designed the page for Milliyet newspaper Ankara office.

Ozgur Yazılım Inc.

Intern translator, Ankara - Turkey (November 2013 – December 2013)

I localized some software in the Ankara office of Ozgur Yazilim Inc.

Radikal newspaper

Intern reporter, Ankara - Turkey (August 2013 – September 2013)

I worked as an intern reporter at the Ankara Office of the Radikal newspaper.

Gorunum newspaper

Page editor & Reporter, Ankara - Turkey (October 2011 – June 2013)

I worked on topics such as news, news photography, page design and web design in the student newspaper of Ankara University Faculty of Communication.

IT Studio

Part time employee, Ankara - Turkey (October 2011 – June 2013)

I carried out studies on web design and content presentation on the web at Ankara University Faculty of Communication IT Studio.


English for Modern Media Skills

Arizona State University (December 2019)

Journalism Development Certificate

The Poynter Institute News University (March 2016)

Customer Relationship Management

Istanbul Business Institute (February 2016)

Certificate Code: 150228101681

Correspondence Techniques in Business Life

Istanbul Business Institute (February 2016)

Certificate Code: 150218100659

Web programming languages I speak

Programming languages are standardized languages that are used to transfer an algorithm to the computer and explain what is wanted to be done to the computer.


HTML is a text markup language used in website construction that determines how documents are linked together and how the text and images they contain are placed.


CSS is a definition language that enables central management of compatible colors and fonts, and reduces file transfer by the server while adding visual aesthetics to the website.


PHP is a comprehensive and multi-purpose server-side scripting language that can be embedded in HTML, used to create dynamic web content and applications.


SQL is the structured query language used in data management. Operations such as sending data to the database, processing, editing and deleting data are done through commands.


JS is a client-side dynamic programming language commonly used in web browsers. Scripts allow the browser to interact with the user.


XML ve JSON are standardizable, flexible, and easily applicable metalanguages for creating documents that are easily readable by humans and information systems.

Design programs I have mastered

Design programs are the programs used by the designer to make arrangements and innovative designs according to the needs.

Adobe Photoshop

It is a pixel-based professional image processing software that is the most preferred among graphic design programs and is often used for image manipulation.

Adobe InDesign

Also known as Quark Killer, it is the most comprehensive desktop publishing program that provides page design for tablet publishing as well as print publishing such as newspapers and magazines.

Adobe Illustrator

It is a vector-based graphic editing and development program that is frequently used in corporate identity studies and used to create digital graphics, illustrations and typography.

Adobe Premiere

It is a real-time digital video processing program used in the TV and cinema industry, based on the idea of timeline, and allows high-speed video processing.


It is a free and free digital audio editing software that can create various effects on audio files, change frequency, remove background noise, etc.

You can access the list of all the programs and applications that I have experience with in my AlternativeTo account.

Optimization consultancy I provide

Optimization, includes techniques for harmonizing and finding the optimum solution to get the most benefit.

Search engine optimization

SEO is the work performed for websites and web pages to attract more traffic by ranking higher or at the top of search engine results like as Google or Yandex.

Social media optimization

They are methods used to align online content with social networks, make it more visible and more engage, and achieve goals with social media.

Pagespeed and image optimization

These are the techniques used in subjects such as compressing the codes for faster opening of the website, reducing the size of the visual files.

Anti-spam optimization

These are the adjustments that must be made between the e-mail domain name and the e-mail server to prevent corporate e-mails from falling into the spam folder.

Need support?

If you want to add strength to your business or bring your projects to life, I can produce values that will increase the efficiency of your business thanks to my skills and experience.