What I do?

Thanks to my knowledge, experience and abilities in different areas of the digital world, I do things that will strengthen your business and enable you to realize the project in your mind.

Web design

I make the most suitable website and web application for your needs with corporate and personal solutions for your business or projects.

Responsive design

Flexible design that presents the same content to your visitors in an optimal view for different screen sizes such as desktop, tablet and mobile phones without the need to create additional pages.

SEO and user friendly

SEO compatible special interface design that helps you reach more people by ranking your website at the top in search engines, and also provide top level usability for your site or application.

Multi-language support

Multi-language support for your world-broadcasting sites and applications, allowing you to speak different languages to address more geographies and easily manage your content in different languages.

Security infrastructure

High-level security with secure coding, effective permission structure and strong encryption techniques at every step, not only for the security of your data and site, but also for your reputation.

Web-based software development

I prepare spiders, tools and content management systems that will enable you to pull regular data for your business and businesses.


They are coded robots for certain purposes, which are used to retrieve, store or process the requested data by browsing the website as a visitor. These software, also called bots for short, can do things that a human cannot do in a few seconds by pulling data from thousands of sites.

Content management system (CMS)

It is the software that will bring speed and regularity to your business, especially the creation, categorization, role-based management / access, control, enrichment, sharing and reporting of content on topics such as documentation or personnel, customer or resource management. You can access these software that I built on the web regardless of platform and from devices of different screen sizes such as desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Custom software

It is the realization of your projects that have not been done before or that you want to be special to you. Its purpose, function, method is entirely up to your wishes. It can be a website you want to make public, a secret software you will use for your business, or an automation that you want to do your work for you.

Social media services

Being on social media is not enough. I support your image and content management process with the right tools and accurate analysis for your personal and corporate accounts.

Brand building

I determine a social media strategy by analyzing your needs to create and strengthen the online presence of your business or project. Also I carry out studies that will guide your brand by influencing your target audiences with solutions in areas such as determining the media that will reveal the difference of your brand, creating corporate accounts, target audience behavior analysis and competitor analysis.

Application & automation

In order to achieve your goals, I prepare platform-independent applications that you can manage your social media accounts much more easily with special solutions suitable for your needs. In addition, with automation systems that will take the workload off your shoulders, I develop special analysis tools for you to examine your target audience, sectoral dynamics, online interactions and your competitors.

You can check out my Laboratory page for the applications like as twitok.co", which is still live, Auto-FollowBack that I have done before and management tools such as Mesa Twttr, analysis tools such as anomalyReader, and WordPress plugins such as twProfileCard, I have implemented for social media services.

Graphic design

With my knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design, I design both promotional products, printed works and products for digital media with graphic design programs.

Promotional products

I prepare your promotional products such as posters, brochures and billboards with impressive and remarkable designs in order to announce your business or event and achieve the best result.


I create printed works such as books, magazines and newspapers with designs that are suitable for their content and design principles, that do not tire the reader and that can attract the attention of the reader.

Post design

I produce visual designs that support your social media posts and effective designs for your banner ads to increase your interactions and prestige in digital media.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

I provide consultancy support for the studies carried out to increase the visibility of websites by ranking higher or at the top of the search engine results.

On page SEO

I provide support for the elimination of deficiencies related to coding architecture, such as title and address structures, description and tag structures, internal links, image descriptions, page speed and mobile compatibility on all pages and improvements that can be made to the code structure, such as broken links, redirects, and error pages.

Off page SEO

In order for the content on your web page to be considered more valuable by search engines, I provide consultancy for works outside of site design, such as promptly notifying search engines of new content and changes on your site, obtaining natural or paid reference links, registering for bookmark sites, and tracking and developing links to your site.

Semantik SEO

I help search engines make your content stand out by providing support on changes to the code structure of your website, such as structuring data on your site, language version associations, pagination, and categorization, to make the content of your website meaningful for search engines and bots.

Social media optimization (SMO)

I apply the necessary methods for you to achieve your goals by making your online content compatible with social networks, making it more visible and engaging.

I manage processes such as making the content on your website suitable for social media platforms with OpenGraph and shema.org configurations, adding social modules such as like and share buttons and comment fields to your site in line with your needs, and placing social media analysis tools.

Pagespeed and image optimization

I am implementing technical arrangements on issues such as editing and compressing codes and reducing the size of visual files for faster opening of the website.

I provide optimum solutions on factors that affect the loading speed of pages on your website, such as presenting images in different formats and sizes according to browser support and screen sizes; compressing images and files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to reduce their size; caching, asynchronous loading, lazy loading, and preloading; and CDN usage.

Anti-spam optimization

I make the necessary adjustments and improvements between the e-mail domain name and the e-mail server in order to prevent your corporate e-mails from falling into the spam folder.

Except for free services such as Gmail and Hotmail, I prevent your e-mails sent from your personal or corporate e-mail addresses connected to your custom domain name from being sent to the junk mailbox. For this, I make sure that your mails fall into the inbox of the recipients by making the necessary arrangements on issues such as domain association with A Record and MX Record definition; SPF record, DKIM signature, and DMARC verification; dnswl and mailspike reputation; and SpamAssassin score improvement.

Have a project in mind?

Tell us about your business or project that you want to start or make more visible, and we will strengthen your business in the area you need support.