My social media accounts

No matter what social media or digital platform you are on, find me!


I use Twitter, which I have been using actively for more than 15 years, to share my news, blog posts or comments. You can also follow my news sources list in my personal account.


I actively use Instagram to share the photos I take, my own photos and the images I want my followers to see.


I actively use LinkedIn to build my professional network and share my work, mainly news.


I actively use Mastodon as an alternative social media from time to time. Sometimes I can stay away for a long time.


I use Spotify to listen to music, discover new music and add my favorite songs to my playlists. You can follow my profile to discover new music and my playlists.


I actively use Pinterest to share the photos I took, the newspaper page designs I made and to create different collections.


I've used SoundCloud stories I've voiced and rarely some I like I use it to share songs.


I rarely share YouTube videos that I have prepared on different topics.


I search for answers to my software questions on StackOverflow and help other users solve their problems.


I share the source code of my own open source applications on GitHub.


I list the movies I've watched on IMDb and rate them. I also list the movies I recommend movies to watch.


On Reddit, which I actively use, I post on many different topics in different subreddits and comment on other users' posts.


For a while, I was getting a freelance job through Bionluk. You can see the works I have done and the comments made for my works on my profile. I am not actively using Bionluk at the moment.

Google Yerel Rehber

I complete the missing information on Google Maps about the places I've been, and I share photos and comments about places that will help other users.

I am sharing some functions that I wrote in PHP at

I actively use R10, where I open forum topics and comment on internet technologies and trade, to get business or service.


I use the DonanımHaber forum from time to time in order to reach certain target audiences.

Greasy Fork

I am sharing user scripts that I created for internet browser programs in Greasy Fork.


I am sharing some designs that I created with Bootstrap, the interface library in Bootsnipp.

I use to create style files that give different functions by manipulating the CSS codes of websites on the browser. You can use the manipulation application I made in Instagram's codes to easily save photos and videos from Instagram's web interface: Instagram image download and right click access

Product Hunt

I use Product Hunt to discover and evaluate new applications. I can also share my own projects in the future.


I'm sharing some of my graphic design work on Behance.


I use Dribbble more as a viewer, but I'm also thinking of sharing my graphic design portfolio.


I used Yaay to share my news experimentally for a while. I am not actively using it at the moment.


I actively use Duolingo to improve my French. You can follow my account to provide mutual motivation in language learning.


I use AlternativeTo to list programs I've experienced and to explore alternative programs.

I use to analyze statistical information about the music I listen to. You can see the latest and the most songs I listen to on my account.


I am not actively using Steam, which is a communication platform about games and games, at the moment.


I use Meetup to follow and attend local tech community events.


I use Kommunity to follow and participate in local tech community events.


I rarely use OnlyDevelopers, a social network for software developers, to share and follow the technology agenda.


I am not actively using DeviantArt yet.


I rarely use Twitch to watch streamers.


I no longer actively use Foursquare