Watch TV channels at the same time with Multi TV

Watch TV channels at the same time with Multi TV

Follow multiple news channels, televisions or YouTubers on a single screen at the same time via YouTube with the Multi TV application.



Multi TV is a multi-screen application that lets you watch more than one news channel, television show, or YouTuber at the same time via YouTube. It was designed to be compatible with large screens as it was developed to watch many video broadcasts at the same time; however, it can also be used on mobile devices, although the channel sorting feature does not work well. The channels' live broadcasts are shown side by side, with the sound turned off. The user can follow the broadcast that interests him at that moment by turning the volume up or making it full screen.

The application has been prepared with the option to watch 4, 9, 16, and 25 channels simultaneously on 16:9 screens. With version 1.5, the number of channels can be made optional. The channels and their order to be watched can be changed via the interface. In addition, the application can be used with Turkish, English, and French interface options.

Application address:

If you have a suggestion about the application, an error you have detected, or if you intend to make a legal notification, you can contact me via the information I shared on the contact page, or you can contribute directly from GitHub.

How did Multi TV come about?

The agenda in Turkey, where I live, is always busy. Lawsuits, bombings or armed attacks, disasters such as floods, fires, and earthquakes, political debates, murders, military operations… I was using YouTube broadcasts and Mozilla Firefox's picture-in-picture feature to follow the current news as a journalist. But each time I had to adjust the image dimensions to fit my second screen. For this reason, I prepared a simple design that includes the grid system and 9 and 16 channel options in as little as 10 minutes. In a short time, the application began to be used by a small group of journalists. I did some more development on the application and shared the source codes on GitHub under the MIT license.